Audiobook Proofing

**AUTHOR SERVICES CURRENTLY ON INDEFINITE HIATUS. Sorry, but due to a number of factors, I’m unable to take on any book cover or audiobook proofing projects at the moment.**

Just got your completed audiobook back from your narrator and need someone to listen through it all the way to make sure it’s perfect, but don’t have time to do it yourself? I’m your girl! I happen to have some openings in my schedule and would be more than happy to give your audiobook a thorough listen to make sure the narration matches your manuscript. I’ll also make note of any background noise, long pauses, and other inconsistencies in the audio.

$20 PFH for books 6 hours and under
$25 for each additional hour over 6 hours
So, if your book is 10.5 finished hours long, then your total would be $232.50.

Turnaround time depends on the length of your audiobook, but the average estimate would be one week.

If interested, email me at I will need the title, genre, and exact finished length (hours : minutes : seconds) of your book. I’ll invoice you for half of the total cost via PayPal, then send an invoice for the second half after I’m finished. The best way to send the audio files to me is to upload them to a Google Drive folder and share the folder with me. You can also upload your manuscript (the same one used by the narrator) to the folder, or send it to me by email. I’ll send my notes to you in an Excel file organized by chapter and timestamp within that chapter.